How to Get Beeswax in Minecraft


In this Blog, we will discuss how to Get Beeswax in Minecraft. Honeycombs, or beeswax, may be obtained from bee nests and beehives in Minecraft. These structures are also referred to as beehives.

Honeycombs, in addition to playing a significant role in the production of beehives, candles, and honeycomb blocks, may also be waxed to prevent further oxidation of copper blocks, which can be done by applying the honeycombs on the blocks.

The methods players use to get honeycombs are essentially the same, regardless of whether they get them from natural bee nests or beehives that humans created.

How to Get Beeswax in Minecraft

How to Get Beeswax in Minecraft

How may one get beeswax in the game of Minecraft? Gathering honeycombs from bee nests or hives is the only way to get hold of some beeswax in Minecraft. Nests and colonies of bees may be discovered in the environment and can often be found in trees or caves. However, you must exercise caution while approaching these locations since the bees can turn aggressive if the nest or hive is attacked.

To gather honeycomb, you will need to use a tool with the enchantment Silk Touch. Because of this, you will be able to get the honeycomb without having to harm the bee nest or the hive.

You can still harvest honeycomb even if you do not have a Silk Touch tool by destroying the nest or hive with any instrument. However, this will make the bees aggressive towards you and your tools.

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Players of Minecraft interested in discovering natural bee nests will need to go to certain biomes to do so. T

The proportion of bee nests that spawn in several of these biomes varies significantly from one version of Minecraft to another, depending on which version is being used. The following is a list of biomes and their probabilities:

  • Plains (5% chance in both Java and Bedrock editions)
  • Sunflower plains (5% chance in both Java and Bedrock editions)
  • Flower forest (2% chance in Java, 3% in Bedrock)
  • Forest (.2% in Java, .035% in Bedrock)
  • Wooded hills (.2% in Java, .035% in Bedrock)
  • Birch forest (.2% in Java, .035% in Bedrock)
  • Tall birch forest (.2% in Java, .035% in Bedrock)
  • Birch forest hills (.2% in Java, .035% in Bedrock)
  • Tall birch hills (.2% in Java, .035% in Bedrock)

Honeycomb may be melted down in a furnace to produce beeswax, or it can be used as a raw material to create other goods, such as candles and honey blocks after it has been gathered and stored.

You may also directly collect wax if you have shears by right-clicking on a bee’s nest or hive. This will shear off the wax on the nest or hive, and you will then obtain the wax. If you do not have shears, you cannot collect wax directly.

Watch the video lesson that’s been provided below.

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How do you get Minecraft beeswax with your irritating bees?

HoGet Beeswax in Minecraft

How can I collect beeswax without getting the bees in Minecraft angry? If you want to gather beeswax in Minecraft without angering the bees, you will need to harvest honeycomb from bee nests or hives using a tool with the Silk Touch enchantment. This will allow you to get beeswax.

If you shatter a bee nest or hive with a Silk Touch tool, the honeycomb will be gathered and stored in your inventory without destroying the nest or hive, and the bees will not turn hostile due to your actions.

The following is a rundown of the steps required to get a Silk Touch tool in Minecraft:

  • You may get an enchanted book by unearthing it from a chest within a procedurally generated building like a fortress or by bartering with a villager who works in the library.
  • You may use the book to enchant a tool (such as a pickaxe or axe) with the Silk Touch enchantment if you bring it to an enchanting table and use it there.
  • Since you now possess a Silk Touch instrument, you can retrieve honeycombs from bee nests and hives without causing the bees to get angry.

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How to Harvest Beeswax (Honeycomb) in Minecraft

Beeswax in Minecraft

You can either harvest honeycomb or collect honey now that the bee nest is full. You can only work on one at a time, and you will have to wait until the following harvest before you may begin another.

You will need a pair of shears and a bonfire to harvest honeycomb and get beeswax. Right-click with the shears on the bee nest after positioning the campfire such that it is directly over the bee nest. You will get three Honeycombs as a reward for doing so.

Having a bonfire is necessary to keep the bees from becoming angry while you are gathering the supplies. It is possible to extract beeswax while the bees are out foraging and up to a few blocks away from their nest without the bees becoming angry. However, you do so at your peril.

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Use of Beeswax (Honeycomb) Crafting in Minecraft

In Minecraft, there are many ways to use beeswax (honeycomb). The most important of these is making a beehive. A beehive can be made with 3 honeycombs and 6 planks. It is a bee nest made by people that can be used to start a farm.

In Minecraft, you can use beeswax to stop copper blocks from rusting by cleaning them. It won’t fix the damage that fading copper did (for that, you need an axe), but waxed copper won’t get any worse. This is true for all kinds of copper blocks, like slabs, stairs, etc.

A honeycomb and a piece of string can also make lamps. They look nice, light up the room, can be colored, stacked on a single block, and even put on a cake.

Lastly, you can make a honeycomb block out of 4 honeycombs to add a little decoration to your place. But it’s just a piece of decoration. You can build the house of your dreams with these, a few bricks, and maybe some other artistic blocks.

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Additional FAQ’s

How do you get beeswax out of a Minecraft beehive?

To get beeswax from the bees, you will need to use shears on a full bee nest that has a campfire underneath. The honeycombs can then be used to make decorations and even your hives.

How do you get honeycomb in Minecraft?

Honeycombs are easy to get in Minecraft. We can find them in bee nests or hives. To get these honeycombs, the player has to wait until the honey amount is 5 and then use a pair of shears.

Where does beeswax come from?

Bees gather nectar and pollen to make honey, which is then used to feed the hive. Their bodies make wax as they eat honey. The bees make combs out of this wax and a little more honey. When the time is right, beekeepers open these “honey pantries” to get the extra honey, and we collect the combs to make pure beeswax candles.

What does Minecraft level 5 honey mean?

When the honey amount reaches 5, honey drops start to fall, which means it is ready to be harvested. The player can get the honey by putting an empty bottle in the hive and changing it into a honey bottle.

What does Minecraft Honey do?

It’s the only food in the game that comes in a bottle. It will give you three chunks of food back and eliminate any sickness you have. That makes honey better than drinking a bucket of milk, which removes all potion effects, whether good or bad even though it takes a bit longer.

Final Words

If you remove the honeycomb from a nest or hive, it will no longer be able to make honey. Because of this, you should probably think about using a spawn egg to establish your own bee nest or hive so that you may remove the honeycomb without impacting the local population of wild bees.


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