How to Get and Activate Tubi on LG Smart TV


Fox’s Tubi is primarily regarded as the best legitimate streaming service in the United States. Films, TV shows, web series, TV shows and programs, sports, and documentaries are just hundreds of pieces of content it offers. Many people consider it to be the best production and network company ever. If you own an LG Smart TV, you can get the Tubi app through the LG Content Store. Using the LG Browser or AirPlay from an iOS device, you can easily stream content from Tubi on LG TVs. This post discusses how to Get and Activate Tubi on LG Smart TV.:

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How to Get and Activate Tubi on LG Smart TV

  • Turn on your LG Smart TV and ensure it is connected to a reliable internet source.
  • From the Home page, select the LG Content Store option.

Choose the G store

  • Search “Tubi” utilizing the virtual keyboard provided.

click on the search icon

  • To install applications on your LG Smart TV, tap the Install button.
  • A successful installation of Tubi on your LG TV should be completed within the next few seconds.
  • Sign in with the information for your Tubi account, and then begin streaming its content.

How to Get and Activate Tubi on LG Smart TV

Watch Tubi via LG Browser

Tubi may also be accessed immediately on LG TVs using the LG Web Browser, which saves users the trouble of going through the installation process.

  • You may access the LG Web Browser from the LG TV Home page.

search the tubi

  • In the space provided for the URL, type the address of the official Tubi website,, and then press the Go button.
  • Entering the credentials will allow you to sign in to the account.

enter the credentials

  • Look around until you find something that interests you, and then play it.
  • You can now stream Tubi on your LG TV using the LG Browser.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why is Tubi not available?

You’ll need to restart your device and then relaunch Tubi. Remove Tubi from your device and reinstall it from the Google Play Store. Delete all of the data and cache that has been stored on your app. To accomplish this on your Android device, navigate to Settings, pick Apps, All, Tubi, and finally, hit the Clear cache button.

Why isn’t Tubi working on my LG TV?

When utilizing a streaming device that is connected to a smart TV:

Check that your Tubi app is updated to the most recent version. Restart the application by leaving it and starting it up again. The Tubi logo should appear on the splash screen when you first start the app. Restart your device.

Why can’t I get Tubi on my smart TV?

Check if your mobile device and the device you use to watch TV or stream media are connected to the same network. Casting requires both the mobile device and the television to be connected to the same WiFi network for it to work. Check that the Tubi app is downloaded and installed on your mobile device and your Smart TV or other streaming device.

Does Tubi only work in the US?

A virtual private network (VPN) to view Tubi TV is necessary because it is only available in the United States. ExpressVPN is the finest virtual private network (VPN) for unblocking Tubi TV because it has obfuscated servers located in the United States, lightning-fast connection speeds, and top-tier security features.

What happened to the LG TV app?

You can now download the LG ThinQ app for your iPhone or Android device here. If you previously used the LG TV Plus app, those functionalities have now been incorporated into the LG ThinQ app.

Is Tubi TV an app?

Tubi offers completely legitimate and unrestricted streaming that does not require a credit card or a membership. You are free to watch what you want when you want and with significantly fewer commercial breaks compared to traditional television. Tubi is the most popular and comprehensive free streaming service, featuring movies and television shows that have won awards.


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