How to Earn Crates in Rocket League


Players would receive a random item after opening a crate in the Rocket League crate system, which was a loot box system. Most players began to see this type of setup badly due to the exploitative tactics used by large video game firms using such systems. You can no longer earn crates in Rocket League the same way you used to, though it is unclear if that was why Psyonix stopped using them. Even though users occasionally receive crates from challenges, these drops are random and involve no transactions.

Rocket League still distributes special event crates during special events, despite replacing the old crate and key loot system with the blueprint and credit system. You may learn how to earn crates in Rocket League by reading this post. Consequently, let’s begin:

How to Earn Crates in Rocket League

Get Credits:

Since credits are Rocket League’s premium currency, you must spend actual money to acquire them. A credit unit should be worth roughly $0.01 regardless of the price range, with more costly bundles delivering a modest credit bonus above what you have already paid for. In case you were wondering, there isn’t a way to acquire credits without purchasing anything.

How to Earn Crates in Rocket League

Although there is a way to acquire credits without paying for them, you must first purchase credits to access this method. Go to Rocket Pass from the main menu and select Premium. You can purchase the Rocket Pass for 1000 credits, which is roughly $10, and begin gaining credits by playing the game.

Additionally, Rocket League offers bundles with credits included. But you must also pay for those. You may access the Item Shop from your Main Menu and find the packs with credits and things there.

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Trading for Credits:

Trading is another means of obtaining credits. The game won’t let you trade until you’ve spent at least 500 credits because there isn’t a method to earn credits without first paying for something. After that, though, you can exchange goods with other players.

Even while you can trade your stuff for credits using this approach, not all items can be traded, and not all players will give you credits in exchange for your items. However, if you possess a rare item you don’t care about, you can trade it for credits with someone and use those credits to purchase a desired blueprint.

Best Way to Get Credits:

It will be up to you to decide the best strategy to obtain Rocket League credits. A Rocket Pass can be ideal if you play the game a lot but don’t want to pay a lot of money. Pay for the fewest credits (500 at the time of writing) and go on if you only want to earn credits and trade.

obtain Rocket League credits

The greatest method to support the game is to purchase credits, which also give you access to Rocket Passes, packages, and the ability to construct goods using blueprints. The Rocket League crates are no longer available, but at least you can always predict what products you will get when you use your currency to buy them.

How Do Blueprints Work:

Every time a match is finished, players can receive Blueprints. As a side note, always finish your matches if you want to level up in Rocket League quickly. You can obtain the item by purchasing a blueprint with your credits. To obtain what you want, you must wait for the game to grant you a specific blueprint.

purchasing a blueprint

However, this means that you no longer have to spend credits on crates in the hopes of being fortunate because you always know what you will receive when you spend money. Another component of this new system is credits, which serve as a substitute for keys. Players can use credits to upgrade to the Rocket Pass Premium, buy goods from the Item Shop, and create stuff from blueprints.

Additional FAQs

What is the highest MMR in Rocket League?

M0nkey M00n’s 2607 MMR surpassed Caden “Sypical” Pellegrin’s previous record of 2606 MMR. In both 2v2 and 3v3, Sypical then achieved a score of 2606.

Is Plat good in Rocket League?

For this reason, Platinum is renowned as the most toxic rank in Rocket League. Some people become proficient at aerial but cannot rotate or maintain consistent contact, believing they are the next big thing while being held back by their colleagues. You are in Platinum for a reason as long as you are there.

What is the OG player title in Rocket League?

OG Player is a Limited Title that cannot be traded. Reaching Tier 57 of the Free Rocket Pass 5 used to earn you this item. However, the Rocket Pass has since expired.

How to unlock the 12000 Rocket League?

The price of an All-Star Cup is 12000 Tournament Credits. This cup becomes available when you place higher than the Top 8 while holding the Diamond tournament level. You will only receive very uncommon or better goods from this cup.



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