How to Disable Wi-Fi Calling on Your Android


Wi-Fi calling is a new function recently added to LTE-enabled smartphones that allows users to make voice calls while connected to a Wi-Fi network. This feature was added to facilitate increased connectivity; however, it is also of the utmost significance when thinking about matters of privacy and safety. Disabling the Wi-Fi calling feature on your Android phone is simple to do if you’d rather your phone use your cellular network rather than Wi-Fi calling to make and receive calls. This setting is located in the settings menu. By reading this post, you will learn how to disable wifi calling on an Android device. So let’s get started:

How to Disable Wi-Fi Calling on Your Android

  • Launching Settings on your Android device is the first step to taking the necessary steps to disable Wi-Fi calling. Choose “Wi-Fi & Network” from the list of options in Settings.

How to Disable Wi-Fi Calling on Your Android

  • On the “Wi-Fi & Network” page, tap the “SIM & Network” button.

How to Disable Wi-Fi Calling on Your Android

  • If your mobile device can accommodate several SIM cards, choose the SIM card you want to disable Wi-Fi calling before continuing.
  • Turn off the “Wi-Fi Calling” option that can be found on the SIM page. This turns off the feature completely.

How to Disable Wi-Fi Calling on Your Android

The end, as they say. Although Wi-Fi calling capabilities are available, your phone will no longer use those connections to make or receive calls; instead, it will only use your mobile network. After some time, you can activate the feature by toggling the Wi-Fi Calling switch on the settings page.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why is my Android using Wi-Fi Calling?

While on a call, if you move out of range of the WiFi connection, the call will automatically switch to using the cellular connection if one is available. Similarly, if you are on a cellular call while at a location that has WiFi, and you lose cellular coverage, your call will automatically switch over to WiFi calling.

Why is my mobile on Wi-Fi calling?

When the signal from your mobile network is weak or unavailable, Wi-Fi Calling enables you to place and receive calls and send and receive text messages through a Wi-Fi connection. Wi-Fi calling requires that you be connected to a Wi-Fi network, that your SIM card be active, and that your network provider activates Wi-Fi calling on your account before you can use this feature on your mobile device.

Should Wi-Fi calling be on or off?

Keeping your mobile phone’s WiFi calling feature turned on is a smart option to ensure that you have the strongest signal possible when making or receiving calls on that device. It is possible that the signal strength of a public WiFi network, such as the kind you might find in a restaurant or hotel, will not be as powerful as the signal strength of the WiFi network in your own house.

What are the disadvantages of Wi-Fi calling?

When the signal strength is low, the quality of voice calls can suffer, and users may experience dropped calls. There are devices on the market that do not support WiFi calling. You need to have a smartphone that comes equipped with WiFi calling features built right in. WiFi calling is supported by the majority of Android phones and later iPhone models.


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