How to Disable Parental Controls in Fortnite


It’s simple to disable parental controls in Fortnite. Parents can activate the game’s parental control features in Fortnite. However, because they need their independence, children 13 or older don’t want their parents to maintain control over their technology. Typically, the players feel the urge to turn it off once they feel grown enough. But not just parents need to toggle parental controls on and off. Players almost always need to turn it off when they reach an appropriate age. You can learn how to turn off Fortnite’s parental restrictions in the following paragraphs:

How to Disable Parental Controls in Fortnite

However, many gamers are still too young to be allowed access to the wealth of in-game and store-available content. Parental Controls have been put in place for this reason. But in Fortnite, turning it off is not that simple. However, here is how to go about it.

1. Start the game first, then search the upper left corner of the screen for the tiny settings icon. The icon is composed of three converging parallel lines. Clicking on it will trigger the appearance of a new menu.

How to Disable Parental Controls in Fortnite

2. Look for the icon with the three parallel lines and the clog next to it once it has loaded. After clicking on it, a different set of options will become available. Click the ‘Parental Controls’ button when you get there. The straightforward procedure to turn off Parental Controls in Fortnite is now finished.

Click the 'Parental Controls' button

3. The difficult part will be figuring out the 6-digit pin to create the parental lock. You cannot proceed until your parents consent to provide these details. If you are aware of the pin, input it now to proceed.

figuring out the 6-digit pin

4. Once in the main Parental Controls screen, you can change several settings. Click the “Disable” button for the time being. Once the prompt opens, click “Confirm” to turn off Fortnite’s parental controls.

click "Confirm"

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Turn off Parental Controls in Fortnite without using a 6-digit pin

Given how seriously Epic Games takes parental control, there is no way to game the system. Making a new account won’t help either because gamers must input the number on their credit card to verify their age. The only thing a player can do in this situation, assuming the 6-digit pin is unknown, is wait until they reach an advanced age. Although the 6-digit pin can be changed using the “Forgot Pin” option, it requires players to access the email associated with their Epic Games account.

using the "Forgot Pin" option,

How to Turn Off Parental Controls on Fortnite Epic Games

To disable Fortnite using Epic Games’ parental controls, adhere to the instructions listed below:

1. Open the Fortnite app on your smartphone, then touch the Settings symbol in the upper right corner.

2. Select Settings > Edit data.

select Edit data information

3. Next, hit TURN PARENTAL CONTROLS OFF by swiping downward.


4. After entering the 6-digit PIN, tap NEXT.


Additional FAQs

Why is Fortnite asking for parental controls?

Epic aims to arm families with the information and resources they need to make wise choices regarding their online activities. Our parental controls assist you in controlling: Your child’s use of social features and in-game purchases in Epic games like Fortnite, Fall Guy, and Rocket League.

Why is my Fortnite account age restricted?

Players will be prompted for a parent or guardian’s email address in order to get permission to access specific features in Epic’s products if they indicate they are under 13 or the age of digital consent in their country, whichever is higher. In this case, their account will be confined.

How does Epic Games verify age?

For parent verification, the Epic Games Team has collaborated with SuperAwesome. Facial Scan We scan your facial characteristics with Yod to determine your age. Credit or Debit Card We authorize your card using Stripe. There won’t be a charge to your card.

What is the minimum age for Epic Games Fortnite?

Although 13 and up is the recommended age range for Fortnite, every child is different. Fortnite is classified by the Entertainment Software Ratings Board as “T” for teens, which denotes ages 13 and up.

Why is Fortnite deleting accounts in 30 days?

If gamers don’t authenticate their accounts, they will be terminated forever, according to the deletion notification. Players have more than enough time—30 days—to validate their accounts.


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