How to Become a Vtuber


Nobody will tell you like TechQrunch will how to become a Vtuber. Virtual YouTubing, commonly known as “Vtubing,” has become popular online content creation in recent years. Vtubers are online entertainers who use a virtual avatar or character to present their content, typically through live streaming, gaming, or vlogging. This type of content creation has gained a significant following, particularly in Japan, and is now gaining popularity worldwide.

If you’re interested in becoming a Vtuber, there are several things you need to consider before you start. Firstly, you must develop a unique concept and persona that will set you apart from other Vtubers. It’s essential to consider what kind of character you want to create and what kind of content you want to make.

Once you have a concept, you can start creating your character. Various software programs like Live2D and VRoid allow you to create a 2D or 3D character. These programs offer various customization options, from selecting the character’s hair and eye color to designing clothing and accessories.

How can you get started as a VTuber?

  • Get yourself an ultra-fast internet connection and a top-notch PC.
    You should always keep this in mind while creating content of any type. Your home computer has to be fairly up-to-date and equipped with at least 8 GB of RAM (RAM). A laptop computer will also work for VTubing; however, you should be aware that it may be somewhat slower while running the required software.
  • A camera with motion detection capabilities is necessary.
    Choose a camera that can recognize your likeness and record your expressions so that they may be used to create a virtual representation of you. Webcams like the Logitech Pro and the Microsoft LifeCam may be purchased for about $100 and provide equal quality.
  • You may upgrade to a virtual reality system if you’d like.
    It’s not crucial to record every step in the beginning stages (including your hands, legs, and feet). But, a virtual reality (VR) system is something to consider investing in if you ever want to upgrade your avatar to a full-body one. Around $400 will get you a decent virtual reality headset.
How to Become a Vtuber

What is the fee to join VTubers?

A few hundred to a few thousand dollars is reasonable for this endeavor.
The exact amount will vary depending on your starting resources and how extensively you choose to upgrade your avatar’s gear and appearance. Building a 3D mode requires not only the purchase of software but also a new camera, which might cost several hundred dollars.

  • You are more than welcome to start your VTuber career with little gear. When you get more skilled and earn more money, you can enhance your current situation.

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What is the best VTubing program to use?

Facerig, Luppet, VSeeFace, and VTube Studio are among the most well-known.
Most of these programs are freely downloadable on both Windows and Mac. Some are made specifically for motion capture and live-streaming your character, while others may help you create an avatar.

  • You might also use Puppemoji, 3tene, or Wakaru.
  • Most sites need a retired pay or a subscription fee to access their material. Depending on the service you select, the cost of your program might range from a few dollars to well over a hundred.


Becoming a Vtuber is likely to be free.

You may plan on spending anything from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars. How much money you’ll need depends heavily on your current resources and how much you want to invest in improving your avatar’s gear and appearance. You’ll need a brand-new camera and some 3D modeling software to get started.

How much do VTubers typically earn per month?

YouTube’s “Super Chat” 2021 earnings report revealed that nine of the top 10 highest-earning accounts were VTubers. Playboard, a data analysis website, claims that all nine people are affiliated with the same Tokyo-based talent agency and have received cash gifts totaling between $700,00 and $1.7 million.

Are Hololive Vloggers compensated fairly?

Playboard claims that the Vtubers of 2021 have been quite profitable for Hololive. The top vloggers on YouTube made over $5.8 million because to the Super Talk function.


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