How to Fix Discord Soundboard Not Showing Up on Server


Do you find that your Discord soundboard does not appear on your server too often? No need to be concerned! In this piece, we will walk you through the steps of locating the source of the problem and finding a solution to it. This will ensure that your soundboard is easily accessible and is operating as it should. Follow our instructions to fix discord soundboard not showing up on server and running again in no time. Let’s dive in!

Why is the Discord Soundboard not showing?

Your server may have the community option on. The fact that your server has more than 50 users is another possible explanation. You may also experience this problem if you use the Discord mobile app instead of the desktop version.

You can fix this by turning off the server’s community function. You can reduce the number of individuals on your server by half by removing inactive users. Finally, you can try switching to the desktop version of Discord rather than the mobile app to see if that helps.

How to Fix Discord Soundboard Not Showing Up on Server

Method 1: Turn Off the community feature

If the Discord Soundboard is missing from your server, disabling the community feature may be the answer. To access this section, go to your server’s Settings by clicking on the cog icon in the upper right and then click on the Community tab. There, you’ll see an option to turn off the social network function.

Fix Discord Soundboard

Method 2: Kick out members until the server has less than 50 people

To fix the problem with Discord’s Soundboard not appearing, you should constantly ban users until the server population drops below 50. The minimum number of members on the server must be reduced in order to activate the Soundboard function.

To achieve this, go to the Discord server and then right-click on a user who isn’t currently online. Choose ‘Kick’ to permanently ban the person from accessing the server. To reduce the membership to below 50, proceed as before.

Soundboard Not Showing Up

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Method 3: Use the desktop version of Discord instead of mobile

If the Discord Soundboard isn’t appearing for you, consider switching to the desktop version of Discord rather than the mobile app.

It’s possible that the Soundboard won’t always work properly on the mobile app. To make sure you have access to everything Discord has to offer, including the Soundboard, we recommend utilizing the desktop version.

On use Discord, get it from the official website, save it on your computer, and launch it. Then, find a server with fewer than 50 players and no active community. Once you’ve entered a voice channel, look for the Soundboard icon to select a file to play. Put it to the test and see if it helps you out.

Understanding the Discord Soundboard Feature

Playing small audio clips in speech channels is a lot of fun and easy using the Discord Soundboard. It’s a fun way to interact with one another and has many practical applications, such as game audio effects and music sharing.

Join a voice channel and then select the Soundboard icon to begin using it. There will be a selection of audio files for you to listen to. It’s a fun method to interact with other users and improve your time spent on Discord.

What is the Maximum Limit for Discord Soundboard?

Discord Soundboard servers with more than 50 users will be disabled until this issue is resolved. Unfortunately, the Soundboard function is disabled for servers with more than 50 users.

Keep this restriction in mind while you configure the server’s soundboard. The Soundboard is a lot of fun, but only if your server can handle that many users at once. This restriction may be increased or decreased in the future, so check back frequently to get the most out of Discord.

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What Causes “Discord Soundboard Not Showing Up In Server”?

First, you’ll want to turn off your server’s community option. The Soundboard might not appear if this setting is activated. Also, make sure there are more than 50 people on the server. Only servers with fewer than 50 users have access to the Soundboard.

Finally, consider utilizing a desktop computer rather than a mobile device to access Discord. The desktop version of Discord is required to use the Soundboard function.

Additional FAQs

Why don’t I have Discord sounds?

Verify the application’s volume levels to ensure it is not muted. It’s possible to mute an app without receiving any feedback while using it. Verify that Discord is not muted by accessing the Windows sound settings via the toolbar and selecting the mixer.

Why won’t Voicemod appear on Discord?

Discord’s input settings are rather specific. Simply launch it, head to the “Voice & Video” menu, and pick “Microphone (Voicemod Virtual Audio Device)” from the “Input Device” drop-down menu. The next step is to visit Voicemod and see if the issue has been resolved. It’s easy to forget to switch the app’s input method to anything else.

Why won’t Voicemod work with Discord?

You may also want to double-check your Discord settings, as this could be the source of the problem. To activate voice and video in Discord, navigate to the Settings menu. It’s time to double-check the inputs. In this menu, choose the microphone with the Voicemod Virtual audio label.

Is Voicemod for Discord free?

Voicemod is a soundboard and voice changer that is compatible with both Windows and macOS and is available for no cost. Simply provide your email address below to start receiving Voicemod.


In conclusion, there are easy and efficient solutions to the problem of your Discord soundboard not being visible on your server. You can get your soundboard back up and running by disabling the community feature, reducing the number of server participants, or switching to the desktop version of Discord. You can get the most out of your soundboard experience if you are familiar with its settings and maximum volume.


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