Filian Vtuber Face Reveal and More Interesting Facts


Filian is known for his virtual career as a Twitch streamer, YouTuber, and social media influencer. She gained notoriety for her VRChat streams on Twitch. She now has over 100,000 subscribers on the streaming service. Keep reading to learn more about Filian Vtuber Face Reveal, including her real name, age, wiki, biography, net worth, height, and more!

Who Is Filian Vtuber?

After finding success on Twitch, Filian Vtuber became a well-known virtual streamer. Her true identity remains a mystery, and there is scant public information about her. She was born to Asian parents, but nobody knows when or where.

Filian graduated from a school whose name we do not know, but information regarding her post-secondary education is also scant. Due to the lack of a facial reveal, we have no idea of her height or weight. She hides her identity from viewers by using a cartoon persona to represent her in her feeds.

Despite this, Filian has become a Twitch Partner and amassed over 152k followers. Her estimated net worth is $250,000, and she is rapidly becoming a YouTube sensation.

Filian Vtuber Face Reveal

They want to see the real person behind the character in the game. There has been no public unveiling of Filian’s true identity yet. She still uses an animated character to represent herself in her Twitch streams, hiding her true identity from viewers.

Be wary of any images that purport to show her face, as they might easily be forgeries. Filian launched her Twitch channel in May 2021, and her popularity has grown since then, even though little is known about her appearance.

She has gained notoriety among the online streaming community, with over 152k Twitch followers and an expanding YouTube channel. Fans await any news regarding this mysterious facet of Filian’s character.

Filian Vtuber Face Reveal

Filian Career

Filian started streaming on Twitch in May 2021. She mainly plays VRChat, but many VTubers play other popular games. Her popularity came from streaming that game solely. She also streamed Beat Saber, Elden Ring, Surgery Simulator, etc. She became a Twitch Partner in October 2021 after five months of streaming. She had about 8k Twitch followers.

Her follower count grew rapidly after that. She went from 0 to 100k Twitch followers in nine months. She streamed for 24+ hours to thank fans. She has over 152k Twitch followers. She is very popular on YouTube. On her channel, she posts Twitch highlights and hilarious videos. Her YouTube Shorts quickly went popular, receiving millions of views. Currently, she has 185k subscribers and 27 million video views.

Filian Age & Height

The day Filian was born has not been made public anywhere on the internet. Because of this, we are unsure of her true age. Nevertheless, we speculate that she is somewhere in her mid-20s. There is no information available regarding her appearance because she hasn’t done a face reveal yet.

Filian Net Worth

Filian has an estimated $250,000 in wealth. Her primary source of revenue comes from Twitch. She makes money as a Twitch Partner through viewers’ donations and advertising. Next, she supplements her income with membership fees and individual patronage. She currently has a sizable following.

However, exact numbers are unavailable. Even though she has millions of subscribers, most of her views come through YouTube Shorts. Shorts are notorious for paying their creators poorly. As a result, we don’t see it as one of her primary sources of revenue.

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Facts And Figures On Filian

Explore Filian’s interesting virtual streaming statistics. Asian virtual streamer Filian has opted to hide her real name, date, place of birth, and physical attributes. She’s been very popular since starting her Twitch account in May 2021.

She plays Beat Saber, Elden Ring, and Surgery Simulator in addition to streaming VRChat. Filian joined Twitch in October 2021 with 8k followers and now has over 152k followers and a developing YouTube presence.

Her $250,000 net worth comes from Twitch adverts, contributions, memberships, and sponsorships. Fans love Filian’s anime-loving personality and active presence on Instagram, Twitter, and Discord, even if her face is hidden.

Additional FAQs

Why is Filian popular?

Filian is a popular Twitch streamer and virtual YouTuber. She broadcasts in 3D with complete body tracking, and her content revolves around her coming up with new and hilarious ways to embarrass herself in the style of The Three Stooges.

What is the gender of Filian?

Filian is a female furry VTuber from North America who uses English as her primary language for streaming. Filian has been a Twitch user since 18 April 2021, yet she refers to herself as a “VTuber alpha” or “VTuber in training” because she has yet to make her formal debut.

What does Nyanners look like?

Appearance. The catgirl Nyanners has pink, fluffy hair. It’s topped with an ahoge, and her cat ears are lined with plush fur. A second pair of human ears are concealed under her hair.

Who is the first Japanese VTuber?

Kizuna AI, a teenage girl, became Japan’s first virally successful Vlogger in November 2016 when she submitted her very first video to the platform.


Since her identity and birthdate are unclear, Filian Vtuber remains a mystery in gaming. Filian is a successful Twitch Partner and YouTuber despite not revealing her face. Her fascinating content and entertaining streams have earned her $250,000. Filian continues to delight online gamers as followers await her personal life data.


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