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TechQurunch‘s website offers seven ways to repair the “Failed to Connect Spotify to Discord” problem. You may test each one until you discover the one that best addresses your organization’s needs.

I had Spotify linked to Discord, but it wasn’t showing what music I was playing, so I unplugged them both and then attempted to rejoin them both. Whenever I try to link my Spotify account to Discord, I receive the message “Failed to connect your Spotify account to Discord.”

I have no idea what action to take. — according to one of Spotify’s users, are you experiencing the same issue or one similar to the one described above with Spotify? Have you come up with a solution as of yet? If not, then you have arrived at the proper location. This post will provide you with an introduction to numerous viable solutions that can assist you in resolving that mistake.

Why is it saying that it failed to connect Spotify to Discord?

If you cannot link Spotify to Discord, an issue on your end must prevent the procedure from working properly. The most likely and typical reason for this is because there is an excessive amount of program cache or browser cookies, both of which might disrupt the connection between Spotify and Discord.

Therefore, if you know the cause of the issue, locating the appropriate answers will not be difficult!

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1. Clear Cache and Cookies

(a) Clear App Cache

First, the issue with “failed to connect Discord to Spotify” is usually caused by the cache of the Discord app, the Spotify app, or the cookies of the browser if you are using the web service of both platforms.

Therefore, clearing the cache and cookies is the quickest and easiest approach to solving the problem. Simply following the procedures below will allow you to clear up the temporary cache files produced by the Discord application.

  • Pressing both the Windows and R keys simultaneously will open the Run box in Windows.
  • Enter %AppData% into the box that says Run, then hit the Enter key.
  • Windows File Explorer will then open the AppData directory for you.
  • Locate the discord folder inside the AppData directory and click on it to access it. Alternatively, you may go straight to the C: UsersusernameAppDataRoamingdiscord folder.
  • Locate the cache folder within the discord folder, and then open it.

Select all of the cache files in the folder labeled cache, and then remove those files. You also have the option of deleting the cache folder in its entirety. You don’t need to be concerned about the absence of the cache folder since it will be recreated the next time you use Discord.

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(b) Clear Browser Cookies

If you are using Google Chrome as your web browser and are experiencing problems connecting to Discord and Spotify, you should clear the cookies from your Chrome browser.

  • Launch the browser, click the Customize and Control Google Chrome menu item (which looks like three dots), and then pick Settings > Privacy and Security from the drop-down menu that appears.
    To delete all of your previous browsing history, choose the corresponding option. You can also access the Clear browsing data window by immediately selecting More tools > Clear browsing data after clicking the three dots, or you can activate it by simply using the shortcut Ctrl + Shift + Delete.

Failed to Connect Spotify to Discord

Check to verify that the time that rang is accurate. Check just the Cookies and any other site data, as well as the Cached pictures and files. Choose the option to Clear data.

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2. Change Different Platform

The statement “switching to a different platform” doesn’t explain what it means. That is to say, if he ing above a Discord app, you may try connecting to your Spotify account via the web-based version of Discord.

On the other hand, if you are already working in a browser, you must begin using the Discord client application instead of continuing your work in the browser.

3. Switch to a Different Device

Alternatively, if you wish to avoid the problem described in the previous sentence, “Discord could not connect to Spotify,” you might try using a different device.

If you have that issue when utilizing your computer, you might alternatively attempt to restore the connection using your mobile phone. You can give it another go on your computer if you get a notification on your computer regarding anything that occurred on your phone.

4. Update Discord

Connect Spotify to Discord

If you upgrade your installation of Discord to the most current version of that application, the problem could be fixed for you. However, this will depend on the specifics of your situation.

There is a possibility that an earlier version of the Discord client brought on the problem. In addition to this, the operating system currently installed on your device likely has to be updated to the most recent version.

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5. Install Discord and Spotify again.

In addition to that, another viable solution is to reinstall whatever it is that needs to be fixed. It’s conceivable that you haven’t installed the programs correctly or that there’s an issue with the files installed on your computer. Both of these things are possibilities.

To resolve the problem, all that is required of you is to uninstall Discord and many applications, followed by reinstalling both programs and the Spotify client.

6. Use the PTB Edition of Discord.

Suppose none of those mentioned earlier solutions successfully resolve the problem. In that case, you may try downloading and installing the public test version of Discord to complete the connection between your Spotify and Discord accounts.

This can be done if none of the other solutions resolve the issue. Once the connection has been properly made, you can restore to the default version of Discord, which will already be connected to Spotify.

7. Wait for the servers to restart.

The user could not even be the origin of the problem, which brings us to our last point. There is a possibility that this is the result of a problem with the servers used by Discord or Spotify.

As a direct result, a warning message that states “failed to connect Spotify to Discord” shows on the screen. If this is the case, your only option is to refrain from further action until either Discord or Spotify has resolved the problem and restored service to their respective server networks.

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Frequently Asked Question

Why is Discord unable to link up with my Spotify account?

First, the issue with “failed to connect Discord to Spotify” is usually caused by the cache of the Discord app, the Spotify app, or the cookies of the browser if you are using the web service of both platforms. Therefore, clearing the cache and cookies is the quickest and easiest approach to solving the problem.

Why should Spotify be connected to Discord?

When a Spotify account is linked to a Discord account, it is possible to see what a user is listening to on both the micro and full profile of that user (if the option is enabled). If you are browsing the profile of someone currently using Spotify, you can either Play on Spotify or Listen Along with them while perusing their profile.

How can I remove the cache on Spotify?

Find Spotify by opening the app drawer on your mobile device. A menu will appear when you press and hold the Spotify icon for a few seconds. Choose “App info” or the lowercase “i” sign. Choose the storage-related option from the drop-down menu, such as “Storage & cache” or “Storage usage.” The names of the menu items could be different on your Android smartphone from one another. To clear the cache, go to the Cache section and choose “Clear cache.”

What will happen if I clear the cache for Spotify?

When you clear the cache, temporary files will be deleted; however, your stored music, playlists, and account information will not be affected in any way by this action. Since your playlists are saved on Spotify’s servers, you do not need to be concerned about their safety. When you clear the cache on Spotify, it will not affect any of your previously stored playlists.

Is there a bot for Spotify that I can use on Discord?

You should get yourself a bot for Discord called Aiode, which was once known as Botify. If you have that feature enabled, you can search for songs on Spotify and play them directly using the bot. Additionally, Aiode is compatible with other platforms, like Soundcloud and YouTube. You have a great deal of leeway for personalization using Aiode.


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