How to Factory Reset Windows 11 Without the Admin Password


If you are experiencing problems with your computer when running Windows 11, you may need to restore it to the configuration it had when it was first manufactured. You will typically be required to log in to an administrator account on your Windows 11 machine before you can execute a factory reset on the operating system. So what will happen if you forget your administrator password and are unable to log in? Even if you have forgotten the administrator password, this article will guide you through the steps necessary to factory reset Windows 11 to its settings when it was first installed. So let’s get started:

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How to Factory Reset Windows 11 Without the Admin Password

From the Login Screen:

Using the recovery options on the login screen of your Windows 11 or Windows 11 machine allows you to restore your operating system. To reset Windows 11 to factory settings when you don’t have the admin password:

1. Start your computer and watch for the login screen to appear after it has booted up.

2. Find the Power options in the bottom right corner of the screen and click on them. It will display the alternatives to restart or shut down the computer. Wait a minute before clicking either of them.

click on restart

3. While holding down the Shift key on your keyboard, click the Restart button to begin the process. If you need to force your computer to restart, you can do so by clicking the Restart Anyway button. You can let go of the Shift key when you see the screen that says “Please wait,” you can let go of the Shift key.

4. Your computer will restart, and then it will boot into the Windows Recovery Environment.

5. On the screen that asks you to choose one of several options, select the Troubleshoot option.

6. On the screen labeled Troubleshoot, click the Reset this Computer button.

reset this PC

7. You will have a choice between two alternatives when you get to the Reset this Computer screen. If you select the option to Retain my files, all of your computer’s third-party applications and settings will be deleted. Still, all your personal data, including documents, media, and so on, will be preserved. Use this option to get rid of everything instead of only some of it.

8. After that, you will be given a choice between two approaches to reinstall Windows.

9. If you choose Cloud Download as your installation method, Windows will first retrieve the necessary files for the operating system and then reinstall itself. In contrast, the Local Reinstall option will use the device’s already present system files to reinstall Windows.

cloud download option

10. Choose “Local reinstall” to move the process forward more quickly. If this does not work, you can download from the cloud.

installing process

11. On the screen that asks if you are ready to reset this device, click the Reset button to confirm your decision and initiate resetting the device.

During the procedure, Windows will first delete all of the data from your device by performing a factory reset, and then it will reinstall the operating system. It is recommended that you do not interact with your device while it is going through this procedure and keep it plugged into a power outlet.

If resetting your device fails and asks for extra system files, you should try again after using the Cloud download option to reset your device. This happens frequently if your current installation of Windows is missing important system files.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does factory Reset remove admin?

Doing a factory reset on your personal computer will typically include reinstalling the operating system. This will result in losing all data, including your user accounts and folders. This indicates that following a reset, you will need to create a new user account for each user, including the administrator account, and configure each account from the ground up.

Can the new admin remove the old admin?

It is only possible for an administrator to take away administrative or moderator privileges from a group member.

Can the admin reset the user password?

To ensure that users’ accounts remain secure, you, as an administrator, can change their passwords.


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