Best Hunter Build in Remnant 2 – Complete Guide


Since the Hunter is the only returning Archetype good at long-range fighting, here is our pick for the best Hunter build to try out in the game. Thanks to Gunfire Games, Remnant 2 is one of those Souls-like games that adds small changes to the genre. People who play the game have been trying out different Archetypes and how they play since it came out.

People who played Remnant From the Ashes might be glad to hear that Hunter is the only Archetype coming back in this game. Hunters are great at fighting from a distance with their shooters, and since Remnant 2 came out, they’ve become a lot more interesting. So, here is our top Hunter build for Remnant 2: the best secondary classes, weapons, skills, traits, relics, rings, and more.

What are the best secondary archetypes for hunters in RE:2?

Best Hunter Build

The following are some of the most beneficial Secondary Archetypes in Remnant 2 for a Hunter:

  • Summoner
  • Gunslinger

Choosing Gunslinger as your secondary Archetype would be the best option for you since it would assist you in increasing the damage that your class deals with. You can score some critical strikes from a distance, eventually benefiting the rest of your team fighting the monsters up close.

Choosing Summoner as their second Archetype is an excellent option for a Hunter. It allows you to call forth Minion allies to battle with you. You may press or hold them to restore part of your health or boost the amount of damage done from a distance.

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Best Weapons for a Hunter in Remnant 2

In Remnant 2, these are the key weapon choices that are ideal for a Hunter to make:

  • Huntmaster M1 insignia
  • Arrival of nighttime

The following are the top handgun options available to you as a Hunter in this particular game:

  • Hidden mystery
  • The Nebula

The Krell Axe is an excellent choice for a close combat weapon for a Hunter. After you have attached a mod to it, you may hurl it at foes to deal shock damage to them.

The best skills for a hunter in Remnant 2

In Remnant 2, these are the best Hunter Skills you can pick:

  • Hunter’s Mark is the main skill.
  • Bulletstorm is a secondary skill.

The Hunter’s Mark skill marks all foes within 35 meters. It lasts 25 seconds and helps you deal 15% more long and physical damage. It’s not usable for 70 seconds.

When Hunters use it with Bulletstorms, they can’t be stopped, especially when fighting bosses. It’s a Gunslinger skill that makes all ranged guns fire 20% faster and reload 50% faster. It’s active for 20 seconds and then goes away for 57.6 seconds.

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The Best Attribute a Hunter Can Have in Remnant 2

In Remnant 2, Longshot is the Trait that would most benefit a Hunter. Each time a character’s level is automatically increased, the Weapon Range Bonus is increased by 60 points due to this perk.

As you make more headway in the game, you will eventually have the opportunity to choose other Traits, such as Amplitude, Endurance, Handling, or Vigor.

Best Hunter build in Remnant 2

Secondary Archetype Gunslinger
Weapons Huntmaster M1, Enigma, Krell Axe
Skills Primary – Hunter’s Mark, Secondary – Bulletstorm
Trait Longshot
Amulet Ankh of Power, Chains of Amplification, Inert Overcharger
Armor Dendroid set
Perks Deadeye, Intuition, Return to Sender
Relic Run Heart
Rings Point Focus Ring, Ring of Flawed Beauty, Stone of Expanse, Zambia’s Malice


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Frequently Asked Question

Which Hunter type is the best in Remnant 2?

This guide emphasizes the Hunter archetype and maximizes Gunslinger bonuses. Sharpshooters get a passive +65% Ranged Damage boost and +15% Weakspot Damage if Hunter and Gunslinger are both Level 10, making this Archetype pairing the greatest for firearms.

What does the hunter archetype do?

Remnant 2’s Hunter Archetype. Remnant: From the Ashes only returns the Hunter Archetype. The long-range damage dealer exploits weak points and burst damage. Games have classes called archetypes.

Which Hunter Remnant 2 armor is best?

Players choose the Leto Mark II armor set because of its strong protection, low weight, and compatibility with other pieces.

Which Remnant 2 DPS weapon is best?

Deceit is a top boss DPS weapon because of its explosive powers and mod choices.

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