How to Beat Pieta in Lords of the Fallen


A formidable array of bosses awaits in the treacherous realm of Lords of the Fallen, each boasting distinctive powers that demand ingenious tactics for victory. Among these adversaries, Pieta, the She of Blessed Renewal, emerges as an initial trial of your skill and resilience. This article will explain to you how to beat Pieta in Lords of the Fallen.

How to Beat Pieta in Lords of the Fallen

Before facing Pieta, use up any Vigour you have by leveling up at the nearest vestige. Make careful to talk to the Iron Wayfarer before the ladder to the ramparts where the boss is. After exhausting his dialogue, you can summon him beside the boss door to help you fight.

He’s good at keeping aggro and dealing extra damage, but he’ll die in the second phase. Engage Pieta and get close when ready. Her first phase is mostly slow, telegraphed melee combos that are easy to evade if you get the rhythm. However, she will periodically hold her sword up, requiring you to dodge left or right to avoid a high-damage Radiant magic beam.

Beat Pieta in Lords of the Fallen

Otherwise, beat her until she drops to 70% health. Then, she’ll slam her blade into the ground and start her second phase. Pieta’s second phase is more dangerous than her first since she gains flight, moves faster, and adds many more strikes. At the start of the second phase, she’ll fly to the back of the arena and rain Radiant swords down the middle.

However, this attack’s windup is long, so you’ll have time to walk to either side of the arena to avoid her. Occasionally, Pieta summons two more Radiant versions of herself, who choose one of three arena lanes to conduct the sword shower attack. Stay in the clear lane and face Pieta to prepare for her strikes.

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She can also call Radiant Knights to hunt you down with slam attacks and ground-based homing bolts, so you must evade them swiftly or take significant damage. The most important thing to remember during Pieta’s second phase is not to attack her during her summoning attacks or melee combos.

Beat Pieta in Lords of the Fallen

Instead, deal damage after she does the combo, especially after she smacks the ground, as she’ll stay stationary for a few seconds. If you avoid her dashing grab attack, spin around and hit her. She has a long recovery animation.

Magic and ranged strikes can reduce Pieta’s health, but she closes gaps rapidly, so make sure the Iron Wayfarer or a co-op friend has her focus. You don’t want to get caught in her casting or tossing because she causes so much harm. To defeat Pieta, play defensively and capitalise on her openings. After that, you can enter Skyrest, the game’s hub.

Strategy Guide For Beating Pieta

Pieta is a straightforward boss, but you must remember a few things before fighting her.

  • Soul flaying only works on normal and elite mobs, not bosses.
  • Do not forget your long-range option during the combat.
  • Use consumables to provide weapons status effects and ease the fight.
  • Before entering the arena, you can summon an NPC to help you beat the boss.
  • Spend a few runs learning the boss’s attack patterns to avoid her abrupt movements.
  • Parrying depletes your health, so watch the health meter to avoid dying early.
  • Most courses require 5-6 parries to exhaust Pieta’s posture bar.

Beat Pieta in Lords of the Fallen

The Boss’s Perks

Once vanquished, Pieta will realize her mistakes and become a vendor the player can use. She can boost your Lords of the Fallen healing flask, Sanguinatrix. Several Umbral Scourings and a Vestige Seed are also included.

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Beat Pieta in Lords of the Fallen

The Vestige Seed can be planted in specified locations to reach a save point and rest site quickly, and Umbral Scourings can be exchanged with a hub region Umbral Entity for special benefits. After you give the same Umbral Entity a book for the Umbral Scourings, it will give you Pieta’s armor and weapon as a reward.

Additional FAQs

Can you parry in Lords of the Fallen?

The LB/L1 button on the controller, or the Shift key on the computer, is used to parry in Lords of the Fallen. Like in Lies of P, players need to block at the last second before an attack hits to parry it successfully.

Who is the easiest boss in God of War?

The battle against Harrefill is the least difficult of the Berserker bosses. This Berserker boss will likely be the first encountered by players who haven’t actively sought them out. Most of Harrefill’s strikes are straightforward to anticipate and deflect.

What do you do with the runes in Lords of the Fallen?

Varied runes have varied effects, such as increasing the scaling of a weapon’s stats. These can also be used to boost a player’s stat when placed in a shield.

What is the dark crusader class in Lords of the Fallen?

Lords of the Fallen features a Dark Crusader Class. The Paladin’s Request is required to get access to Dark Crusader. The premium version is also available. The Dark Crusader is a powerful melee fighter with access to Radiant spells and formidable physical defenses.



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