Bao Vtuber Face Reveal and More Interesting Facts


Bao posted his debut English VTube video on October 30, 2020. Her Hikaru Station music is on her social media. She changed her Twitch name from hikarustation to Baoo. Her YouTube channel broadcasts Twitch sessions. She formerly held YouTube livestreams. Bao is a great guy who always praises others. Consequently, this article will shed light on Bao Vtuber Face Reveal and More Interesting Facts:

Who is Bao Vtuber?

On October 30, 2020, English VTuber Bao Vtuber made their debut. Bao’s musical career began under the moniker Hikaru Station before he became a VTuber. Bao only streams on Twitch under the username baoo.

However, their Twitch video-on-demand (VOD) content is also available on YouTube. Fans are left wondering who Bao is since, despite their fame, they haven’t publicly disclosed their face on YouTube. Bao has not revealed their birth date, so their age is unknown.

Bao interacts with their 403,000 YouTube subscribers with various VTuber-themed videos posted on their channel. The mystery surrounding Bao Vtuber’s exact identity has captivated his legions of followers for years.

Bao Vtuber Biography/ Wiki

Name Bao
Real name Unknown
Profession VTuber
YouTube Channel @Bao The Whale
Age  Unknown
D.O.B Unknown
Hometown  England
Nationality  England
Twitter @baovtuber
Twitch @baoo

Bao Vtuber Face Reveal

Many viewers of the popular English VTuber can’t wait for Bao to reveal their identity. There has been much talk about who it is, but there has been no official face reveal on YouTube.

Bao Vtuber Face Reveal

On October 30, 2020, Bao made their debut, and since then, they’ve amassed a sizable fanbase because to their videos and songs. Bao, a VTuber with over 403,000 subscribers, interacts with their audience through various videos posted on their channel.

No information about Bao’s birth date has been shared, so their age is unknown. The anticipation and interest in Bao Vtuber among his admirers continue to rise with each passing day.

Bao Vtuber Age & Height

It’s unbelievable that despite their fame, Bao Vtuber’s age remains a mystery. Incredibly, they’ve kept this a secret for so long. Bao Vtuber has risen to fame within the VTuber community thanks to their amusing streams and catchy music, which have won over a legion of devoted followers.

Naturally, fans want to know how old Bao Vtuber is, but no such information has been made public. Many theories have been proposed, but the enigma has yet to be resolved. By interacting with their audience and providing them with VTuber-related content, Bao Vtuber has amassed a considerable following on sites like Twitch and YouTube.

We haven’t been able to pin down their age, though. Bao Vtuber’s fans have been left curious and ready to learn the truth because of his or her ability to maintain a high level of secrecy. Maybe the mystery will be solved someday, and the age of this mysterious digital character will be made known.

Bao Vtuber Net Worth

You won’t believe Bao’s net worth: it’s rumored to be somewhere in the neighborhood of $5 million. Bao, a well-known English VTuber, has made considerable wealth thanks to their YouTube videos. Bao’s fame and fortune stem largely from their online activities.

Bao has achieved online fame with the help of his 403,000-subscriber YouTube channel and interesting videos. Although Bao’s compensation is being reviewed at the moment, it is clear that their current financial situation is pretty excellent. With a fortune like that, Bao has a bright future ahead of him.

Bao has found success in the online world thanks to its efforts to establish a distinct presence in the form of Twitch broadcasts, and video-on-demand (VOD) uploads to YouTube.

Additional FAQs

Are Bao and Vienna sisters?

Both Vienna and Shoto are considered “little siblings” by bao. She taught Shoto Vietnamese after meeting him at Anime Expo 2022. For Among Us, bao has collaborated with rpr, AmaLee, Froot, Zentreya, Rosemi Lovelock, Selen Tatsuki, Pomu Rainpuff, Vox Akuma, Vienna, Shoto, and Haruka Karibu on streaming.

Is Bao a girl or a boy?

Both sexes use The Chinese word Bao interchangeably and refers to luxury goods. This unique name, with its multiple meanings including “bundle or package,” “precious treasure,” and “guarantee,” is a wonderful way to declare your unwavering devotion to your newborn.

What is the real name of Bao Vtuber?

No one knows Bao Vtuber’s real name. No one knows what their true identity is. Bao Vtuber’s anonymity is part of their charm and mystery.


Finally, English VTuber Bao has captivated a wide audience with their amusing streaming and music. YouTube hasn’t confirmed a face reveal, but fans are impatient. Bao’s birthdate is also unknown. Bao’s YouTube channel remains popular despite this. Bao’s face reveals, and age mystery intrigues this brilliant VTuber.


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