Age of Wonders 4: The Eternal Court


The Eternal Court is Age of Wonders 4’s fourth tale world. The narrator says that an elven Godir named Meandor has returned to his homeland and is employing necromancy to bring it back. This mission isn’t about defeating him. Instead, players must perform three activities to finish this scenario. The Age of Wonders 4 the Eternal Court guide:

The Eternal Court in Age of Wonders 4

Initial Worries

Do you fear the preliminary problems in the Supreme Court? There are solutions to overcome these obstacles, so don’t worry. Marauder units are more likely to be undead, making rampant undeath a problem. But you can plan for and adjust to this new danger.

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Age of Wonders 4: The Eternal Court

Due to the low population, there are few free cities. However, you may maximize your existing ones and focus on effective growth. The Curse of the Undead could make combat more difficult. However, success is still possible with strategic preparation and by taking advantage of undead units’ susceptibility to spirit damage.

Remember that you can still succeed without befriending or vanquishing every opposing group. To win in the Eternal Court, you must take control of major urban centers, recover the missing mother, and vanquish the Reclusive Spiderlings’ commander.

The Neighborhood Meeting

The leader of the Auldweald Elves, Sylvani Laurel, can be allied with them if ties are improved. Gaining the support of the Auldweald Elves can be very useful in the Eternal Court. You will find that the Auldweald Elves’ special skills and units are invaluable in your fight for triumph.

Age of Wonders 4: The Eternal Court

Building trust with Sylvani Laurel is the key to accessing their formidable resources and taking advantage of new strategic openings. Your military might will be greatly enhanced by working with the Auldweald Elves, and you will have a better chance of fighting free cities and clearing wonders.

Remember that securing a valuable alliance that can turn the tide of battle in your favor requires prioritizing diplomacy and maintaining a positive reputation with Sylvani Laurel.

Finally, the Nightmare Is Over

Your first order of business in ending the nightmare in the realm of the Eternal Court is to conquer the free cities of Eternal Court and Memory of Sylvanus and kill the fallen emperor who rules over them.

Age of Wonders 4: The Eternal Court

Regaining power and bringing peace back to this desolate region would require taking back these cities. It won’t be a simple task, though. The Eternal Court suffers from the characteristics of Low Population, Curse of Undeath, and Rampant Undeath.

The Curse of Undeath is a serious obstacle since it allows neutral units to return from the dead with little health. It will need strategy and strength to clear wonders and defeat free cities.

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What is the story Mission 4 in Age of Wonders?

The Eternal Court is the title of the fourth and final tale realm in Age of Wonders 4. As the narrator relates, Meandor, an elven Godir, has returned to his hometown and is employing necromancy to try to bring it back to life. The goal of this operation isn’t to kill him, though.

Additional FAQs

How do you get more imperium in Age of Wonders 4?

Instead, annexing Ancient Wonders or the Magical Material known as Rainbow Clover is the sole method to gain further Imperium.

How do you win the magic victory in Age of Wonders 4?

This triumph requires the construction of a Seed Affinity Province Improvement, a Root Affinity Province Improvement, and a Heart Affinity Province Improvement.

How hard is Age of Wonders 4?

Although Age of Wonders 4 has a lot of content, it is never too much to handle. Since the game’s difficulty may be adjusted to absurd levels, you can play it solo and establish your empire whenever you like.

How many story realms are in Age of Wonders 4?

Story domains are the more significant domains. At launch, the main game’s Rise of the Godir storyline will take players through five Story Realms, where they can immerse themselves further in the lore and better understand the Age of Wonders Universe.


In Age of Wonders 4: The Eternal Court, Rampant Undeath, Low Population, and Curse of Undeath await. With the correct tactics and alliances, you can win.

You can win by exploiting the undead’s spirit damage vulnerability or allying with the Auldweald Elves. Prepare for a unique journey and succeed in this difficult land.


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