How to Turn Up Brightness on LG TVs


Brightness on LG TVs can be adjusted in several ways, providing the user with a more customized viewing experience. By using the remote control to get to the “Picture Settings” menu on the LG Smart TV, you will have quick access to the brightness controls. If you are one of the fortunate people who owns an LG TV, you may have noticed that the brightness of your screen is not as bright as it was in the past. Or perhaps you have recently upgraded to a newer model, but the display is still too dim for your liking.

No matter the circumstances, it might be challenging to watch television when the brightness level is inadequate. The viewer’s depth perception and contrast are both negatively impacted by low brightness levels, which can result in unclear images or out-of-focus. This guide will walk you through increasing the brightness on your LG TV. Let’s jump right in:

How to Turn Up Brightness on LG TV

High-quality picture output and an intuitive settings interface are hallmarks of LG Smart TVs, allowing for extensive personalization of the viewing experience. Their most outstanding characteristic is their many helpful extras that simplify their operation. For instance, you may use only your voice to control your TV.

One of the best things about LG Smart TVs is that they come with purpose-built energy-saving features. After your TV has finished scanning for ambient light, it will automatically adjust the screen’s brightness to compensate. Since the TV’s brightness decreases in response to ambient light levels, you can save more on utility bills.

The problem with this function is that your TV’s brightness levels will be dynamically adjusted throughout the day. The excessive blackness it causes can make it difficult to see what you’re watching. Additionally, disabling the TV’s energy-saving mode is a simple process, and the brightness may be permanently set to your liking.

Turn Up Brightness on LG TV

The following is the procedure to follow:

1. Turn on your TV and navigate to the Settings menu.

Brightness on LG TVs

2. To access all settings, select “All Settings.”

select "All Settings."

3. To view the image, select “Picture.”

select "Picture."

4. To save energy, click the link labelled “Energy Saving.” At this time, a pop-up submenu listing all possible energy-saving settings should appear on the right side of your screen.

5. After selecting, click the “Off” button and then “Close.” This will turn off the Energy Saving function on your TV and return the brightness to its default, continuous level.

click the "Off"

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Change LG TV Brightness in Picture Mode Settings

1. Turn on your LG television and select the Settings button on the remote control.

2. Select Picture from the menu that appears after clicking All Settings. Tap the option that says Advanced Settings after that.

clicking All Settings

3. On the following screen, tap the Brightness option.

4. You may adjust the screen’s brightness by sliding the bar to either the right or left of the screen in the appropriate amount.

5. When you are finished, press the Back button, and then you may watch the item you want to watch on your LG TV.

Automatically Adjust Brightness on LG Smart TV

When the option on your LG TV to use AI Brightness is activated, the screen’s brightness will adjust automatically based on the illumination in the room. This feature is only available on certain models of LG televisions.

1. With the TV remote, navigate to the Settings button.

2. Navigate to the menu labelled Settings, then click All Settings. Select General, then proceed to click the icon labelled AI Service.

3. The toggle button for the AI Brightness option can be found in the option’s menu. Using this button, you can enable the option.

toggle button for the AI Brightness option

4. Click the toggle button again to deactivate the AI Brightness feature.

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Disable Energy Saving Mode to Change the LG TV Brightness

If you have your LG TV set to save energy by activating the energy-saving mode, the brightness of your TV will decrease as a direct result. You can modify the brightness level of your TV by turning off this option and then turning it back on again.

1. Using the remote control for your LG television, navigate to the Settings menu by pressing the “Settings.”

2. Go to All Settings and click the Picture option when you get there.

3. Choose “Energy Saving” from the menu and then hit the “OFF” button.

Choose "Energy Saving"

It’s All a Matter of Preferences

LG is akin to Old Faithful in television because the company has provided millions of consumers worldwide with high-quality service for more than 50 years. The company has built a name by manufacturing high-end TVs that provide consumers complete control over every device aspect, including screen brightness.

LG is aware that a TV with an appropriate brightness level is more fun to watch. A TV that is too bright will most certainly cause discomfort in your eyes, whilst a TV that is too dark will force you to strain and perhaps give you headaches. If you don’t like the brightness level that your TV is currently set to, there’s a good probability that it has anything to do with your chosen settings.

The only thing left for you to do is grab the remote control and choose the level of brightness to your liking. You can watch the ideal television for extended periods without becoming exhausted. It doesn’t matter where you sit in front of the television; getting the brightness levels right will make every show or movie you watch more pleasurable.

Additional FAQs

Can I increase the TV brightness?

Depending on the brand, you might find buttons on the back of the TV, on the side, or even on the bottom of the television. You can explore the different button combinations until you locate the option to access the primary Settings or the Menu. From there, you may adjust the brightness level by going to the Display/Picture settings and selecting the appropriate option.

Why does my TV brightness fade?

The Ambient Light Detection function, which on some previous models was referred to as the ECO Sensor, monitors the room’s light and adjusts the screen brightness accordingly to reduce the amount of power consumed. When you are in a well-lit environment, the screen will appear brighter, whereas when you are in a dimly lit room, it will appear darker.

Should TV brightness be high or low?

You may need to bring the backlight level up to close to its maximum setting in the living room, which has a lot of windows and is fairly bright. To prevent strain on the eyes and headaches, the backlight should be turned down significantly for viewing at night in a dim to completely dark room.


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