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Our excellent legal services at Dynasty Law Solicitors are based on our knowledge. We offer a wide range of specialized services tailored to your specific needs because we know a lot about the law. Our team of skilled lawyers is dedicated to providing custom solutions that get the best results, whether it’s visa law, criminal law, or family law. We are skilled at handling complicated law issues with care and accuracy so you can trust us.

Dynasty Law Solicitors Expertise:

1. Family Law:

Our lawyers have a lot of knowledge with all areas of family law, such as divorce, child custody, child support, property division, adoption, and more. We work hard to give you effective legal answers that put your family’s health first.

Divorce Civil Partnership
Adoption Separation Agreement
Cohabitation Agreement Child Arrangement Order
Child Custody Child Abduction
Prenuptial Agreements Parentage and Paternity Disputes
Domestic Voidance Financial Agreement



2. Immigration Law:

Our immigration lawyers have much experience and know how the immigration system works. They are committed to giving clear help and representation. Whether you need help applying for a visa, getting indefinite leave to remain, becoming a citizen, or dealing with any other immigration problem, our team is here to help you confidently navigate the complicated immigration system.

Skilled Worker Visa Student Visa
Human Right Applications Fiancé Visa Application
Long Residency Concession Point-Based Immigration
Tier 4 Sponsor License Spouse Visa
Asylum Application Dependent Family Visas
EU Settlement Scheme Financial Agreement


3. Criminal Law:

Our skilled criminal law lawyers know much about the criminal justice system and are dedicated to protecting our client’s rights and best interests. We are ready to give you the strong defence you deserve, whether you are charged with a small crime or a serious felony.

White Collar Crime Homicide
Indecent Images Online and Computer Crime
Drug Offence Blackmail and Bribery
Private Prosecution Cross Border Investigations
Organised Crime Money Laundering
Sexual Offences Assault



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