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The distinction between a computer and a television is becoming increasingly difficult as many people watch their favourite movies and television episodes online via a streaming service. However, even if you are watching a show on Netflix, there is a good possibility that the viewing experience you get on your large flat-screen TV will be superior to the one you have on the computer you use to browse online. When you connect a Mac to a television, you may view internet content on a significantly more spacious display. If you have a Mac, connecting it to a TV can give you a second display, improving the quality of your work and gaming experiences. This guide will walk you through connecting your Apple MacBook to your television. So let’s get started:

How to Connect MacBook to TV

With a cable:

Hardwiring your Mac to most modern TVs is possible if you have an older Macbook with a Thunderbolt or HDMI output. However, it is important to remember that you may require a cable that converts to HDMI if you use the Thunderbolt port.

1. Attach a video cable from the TV’s video input to the PC output.

2. Navigate to the System Preferences menu on your Mac by clicking the Apple logo in the upper left corner of the screen.

3. Select the Displays option.

Connect MacBook to TV

4. In the lower left-hand corner, click the Display Settings button.

5. In the following window, make sure that the Default for display option is selected, as this will almost always be the most suitable option.

Link MacBook to TV

6. Most HDTVs can also play audio when connected to a Mac via an HDMI cable. System Preferences can be accessed by first clicking the Apple logo, which is located in the top left corner of the screen.

7. Make sure that you click Sound.

click Sound.

8. Choose the TV that is connected.

Choose the TV that is connected.

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To a smart TV:

The steps are straightforward if you want to connect to a Smart TV that supports AirPlay.

1. System Preferences can be accessed by clicking the Apple logo in the upper left corner of the Mac.

2. Click on Displays.

Click on Displays.

3. From the AirPlay Display drop-down menu, select your television.

The Screen Mirroring feature lets you wirelessly connect to your TV even if it does not support AirPlay.

1. On the right side of the menu bar at the top, click Control Center, which is the icon with two toggle switches stacked vertically.

2. Select Mirror Your Screen.

3. Select the television you want to connect to from the pop-up. Your Macintosh’s screen will be reflected very quickly.

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Is a Macbook TV compatible?

You can connect an external device to your MacBook with a cable if your TV or MacBook is an older model and does not have AirPlay capability. The model of the MacBook you own and the connections on that particular computer will determine the kind of cable you need to use. You could also have to decide whether or not to utilize a cable that goes directly from your MacBook to your television; for instance, you might decide to use a cable that converts Thunderbolt signals to HDMI signals. Alternatively, you could use an adaptor that connects to your MacBook and offers a variety of port configurations.

Take, for instance, a Thunderbolt converter compatible with HDMI and DVI cables that can be connected to your MacBook. When you are finally connected, navigate to Settings > Display to make any necessary adjustments to your display settings and resolution so that you may enjoy the highest possible picture quality. After successfully setting up a wired connection to your TV, you may continue to use your MacBook while using a wireless keyboard and mouse, and the TV can serve as your computer monitor. This is one of the advantages of having a wired connection to your TV.

Additional FAQs

How can I display my laptop screen on my TV?

Simply insert any regular HDMI cable into the corresponding HDMI ports on your laptop and television, and the display from your laptop will appear on your television a few seconds later. If your laptop does not have an HDMI connector, you will need to use either an adaptor or a hub.

How do I connect my MacBook to my TV via USB?

After you have plugged the adaptor into the connection port for the USB-C port on your MacBook, you can connect your laptop to your television by using an HDMI cable. After selecting the HDMI input on your television, you should see the display from your MacBook on the larger screen of your television.

Why is my Mac screen not showing on TV?

If the TV is not displaying the MacBook screen correctly, go to the “System Preferences” section of the Apple menu and choose the “Display” button. To display the complete screen on the TV, use the “Mirror” option. If you so choose, you can also change the screen resolution and display size.

Why is my Mac not mirroring with HDMI?

Click the Sound option after selecting Apple > System Settings (or System Preferences) from the menu bar. Ensure your HDMI device is chosen in the Output pane of the settings menu. If you’re connecting from a Mac mini, ensure there are no audio devices plugged into your computer’s headphone jack.

What cable connects MacBook to TV?

A high-definition television (HDTV) or an external monitor can be connected to your MacBook Pro with the help of an HDMI connection. You can choose one of these cables that satisfies your requirements thanks to the fact that it comes in a selection of lengths and colors.


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