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This blog will discuss To Use Siri on iPhone 14. Siri has long served as an iPhone’s virtual assistant. She enables you to execute a variety of chores simply by utilizing voice instructions. If you’re a new iPhone 14 owner who wants to utilize Siri, here is the article for you. Let’s become acquainted with Siri and how to use it on the iPhone 14 series.

Siri can send text messages, make calls, receive calls, initiate navigations, activate timers, and much more. This makes her an excellent virtual assistant partner for your new iPhone 14, particularly if you have a hectic schedule. While at work, Siri can let you control your new iPhone 14 hands-free. Here’s how to get Siri on Apple’s new iPhone 14 series.

How to Install Siri on an iPhone 14

Siri may be accessed by activating it in the Settings app. Here’s how to do it with your new iPhone.

  • Tap Siri & Search in the Settings app.

Use Siri on iPhone 14

  • Depending on how you want to engage with Siri, toggle the following elements on your screen. Depending on your preferences, you may optionally activate both options.

Use Siri on iPhone

  • Listen for “Hey Siri“: This will enable you to interact with Siri without having to unlock your iPhone or push any buttons.
    Press the Side Button for Siri: You may activate Siri by pressing and holding your iPhone’s Sleep/Wake button.
    When asked to confirm your decision, tap Enable Siri at the bottom of your screen.

how to set up an use Siri on iPhone 14

  • If you activate the Listen for “Hey Siri” option, you will be requested to configure it. At the bottom of your screen, tap Continue.

Use Siri on iPhone 14

  • Now, follow the on-screen instructions to assist Siri in recognizing your voice.

  • When you are through configuring everything, tap the Done button.

  • If you want to utilize Siri even while your iPhone is locked, you must ensure the Allow Siri while Locked switch is turned on.

  • Select the Siri Voice option to select a suitable voice for Siri.

  • Tap and choose the area you want, then go back and select the voice you like most. To download the desired vote onto your iPhone, you must be connected to a Wi-Fi network.

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  • Now return to the website you were on before and hit the Siri Responses button.

  • You may instruct Siri to answer you in various ways by selecting one of the following choices in the SPOKEN RESPONSES section.

  • Automatically: Siri will determine when she must talk to you, depending on your request.
  • Siri will try to talk to you whenever she can, even if you activate the Silent mode on your device.

To see textual transcriptions of Siri’s replies, you must turn on the setting that says Always Show Siri Captions.


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  • If you want to use “Hey Siri” to hang up the phone and Facetime calls, you need to go back to the page you were on before and hit the Call Hang-Up button.

  • Turn on the switch at the very top of your screen.

  • Return to the previous page and choose the broadcast Calls option to have Siri broadcast the caller’s name and contact information.

  • Choose one of the available options on your screen, and then select how you would want to announce incoming calls.

  • Return to the previous screen and tap the Announce alerts button to have Siri announce new alerts on your iPhone.

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  • Turn on the button at the top of the screen to receive announcements.


  • If you want Siri to read out alerts while using compatible headphones, you must turn on the Headphones set. These earbuds include AirPods beginning with the 2nd Generation, Beats Solo Pro, and later models.

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How to use Siri on iPhone 14

Siri may be activated and used in any of the two methods we covered in the previous section. Siri may be accessed in two ways: by pushing the Sleep/Wake button or by saying, “Hey, Siri.”You may get assistance activating and using Siri on your iPhone 14 using one of the sections below.

Using calling Hey Siri

If you’ve enabled “Hey Siri,” you can activate her by saying “Hey Siri” near your iPhone. Siri will appear at the bottom of the screen. You may now converse with Siri as intended.

And that concludes our walkthrough on how to utilize Siri on your iPhone 14.

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Frequently Asked Question

Why does my iPhone 14 not have Siri functionality?

Whether you have an iPhone 14 Pro and “Hey Siri” isn’t functioning, you should check to see whether “Hey Siri” is turned on and if your phone has the most recent software update. After that, you should try restarting your iPhone, verifying that your internet connection is working correctly, resetting your network settings, cleaning your microphone, and turning off any limitations.

Who has a better voice assistant, Alexa or Siri?

A device with Alexa will provide the most significant level of interoperability with other software and online services. Siri is only available on Apple devices, so if you want the funniest responses, you’ll need one of them.

How does the Hey Siri feature function?

The acoustic pattern of your voice at each moment is converted into a probability distribution across speech sounds by the “Hey Siri” detector, which is accomplished with the assistance of a Deep Neural Network (DNN). After that, it employs temporal integration to calculate a confidence score about the assertion that the sentence you spoke was “Hey Siri.”

Why is Siri not working on my device?

Check to see that Siri is on. Select Apple menu > System Settings, then select Siri & Spotlight in the sidebar (you may need to go down), and last, toggle the Ask Siri switch on the right. Note: If you cannot activate Siri, Screen Time Content and Privacy Restrictions may be blocking your access to the feature.

Is it possible to say Siri instead of “Hey Siri”?

Apple announced today at WWDC that it would streamline the voice command required to activate Siri on all of its products, including the iPhone, iPad, Mac, and HomePod. Users will soon be able to start the voice assistant by merely uttering the word “Siri” rather than having first to say “Hey Siri.”

Who has a superior voice assistant, Google or Siri?

Siri is simpler to set up and use if you have an iPhone rather than Alexa or Google Assistant if you are using any of them. Although one of the earliest virtual assistants, Siri isn’t always the most trustworthy; if you know how to word your demands, you can get Siri to do almost everything you want.

Where does Siri shine the brightest?

Use Siri on your iPhone to announce incoming calls, texts, and more. You can use Siri to play music on your iPhone and Apple Music Voice to listen to music on your iPhone. Use Siri on your iPhone to take control of your house. You may consult Siri, Maps, or the Maps widget to get directions on an iPhone.


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