How to Allow or Enable Remote Desktop Access on Mac


A remote desktop connection is required if you own a company that employs numerous people because some of your employees will invariably use Apple computers at home and Windows machines at work, making it necessary to establish such a connection. Technology that enables remote computer control from another computer is becoming more widespread. This technology is known as “remote desktop.” This article will describe how to enable remote desktop access on a Mac, which will make it possible to perform a simple remote desktop connection between a Mac and a Windows computer:

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How to Allow or Enable Remote Desktop Access on Mac

  • To enable file sharing, open the System Preferences menu.

How to Allow or Enable Remote Desktop Access on Mac

  • Choose the “Remote Management” radio button. It’s probable that you’ll be asked to specify which actions can be taken by remote users. The “Settings” button enables manual configuration.

How to Allow or Enable Remote Desktop Access on Mac

  • Depending on your needs, you can grant access to either “All users” or “Just these users” on your computer. When “All users” is selected, anyone with access to your computer’s account can access it anywhere. Choosing “Just these users” lets you pick certain people from a network.
  • Choose “Computer Settings” from the drop-down menu to modify other parameters, such as the details shown to remote users or the procedures they must follow to access your machine.

How to Allow or Enable Remote Desktop Access on Mac

Using Windows on Your Mac

If you didn’t modify the setting, the remote desktop session you started would always start in full-screen mode. You can utilize it in a window by moving your mouse pointer to the top of the screen and clicking the green window button in the display’s top-left corner. Using Windows via Remote Desktop is similar to using it on a machine solely dedicated to running the operating system.

How to Allow or Enable Remote Desktop Access on Mac

One of the few differences is that the software maps the keyboard shortcuts for Cut, Copy, and Paste to those used on macOS, which are the Command key. This could be a source of confusion. On the other hand, other keyboard shortcuts continue to use the Control key in the same way they do in Windows.

You can open applications, work on files, or even play games on this device. During periods of heavy use, there may be a slight delay in response, but otherwise, it is generally quick and responsive. Transferring files from Mac to Windows using the drag-and-drop method is impossible. They do, however, share the clipboard by default, enabling you to copy and paste between them instead.

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Disconnecting and Deleting Your Desktop

Simply closing the Remote Desktop window on your Mac will cause the connection to be severed and the session to end. You can change your preferences anytime by moving the mouse pointer over the thumbnail in Saved Desktop and selecting the edit icon that looks like a pen. Simply control-click the desktop thumbnail you want to delete, then select the Delete option.

Additional FAQs

Why is my Remote Desktop not working?

Problems with network connections are the most typical reason an RDP connection would fail. For example, this could be the case if a firewall is preventing access. To determine whether or not your local machine is connected to a distant computer, you can use ping, a Telnet client, or PsPing on your local system.

How do I reset Remote Desktop settings?

Make advantage of the Reset Desktop command to reset a remote desktop. Choose Options > Reset Desktop from the list of options on the menu bar. Simply right-click the icon representing the remote desktop and then select the Reset Desktop option. Use the ” Reset ” button located in the desktop and program selector box to republish your applications.

What is the command for Remote Desktop settings?

To access the Windows Remote Desktop, you will need to open the command prompt and enter the MSTSC command. With Windows 10, you can type MSTSC into the search box (whereas on prior versions of Windows, you would have to select Start and then Run). Moreover, the MSTSC command can be executed directly from the command line if you so choose.

Is using a remote desktop for Mac free?

TeamViewer is free for personal and non-commercial use, so you can use it whether you want to operate another device from your Mac or use remote access to control another device. After running a free trial of TeamViewer, businesses can select the licensing subscription package that meets their requirements the most effectively.


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