How to Activate Hide My Email on iPhone or iPad


When you sign up for iCloud+, you have access to a tool called Hide My Email, which allows you to create a new, random email address (or addresses) to use when you want to shield the identity of your personal or business correspondence from prying eyes. This is helpful if you know or believe that the person receiving your emails is likely to forward them on to other advertising companies or other unrelated parties. If you’re getting inundated with spam, Hide My Email can help. You can easily disable or delete a Hide My Email-generated address if you discover it is being inundated with spam. A one-time-use Hide My Email address can be easily deleted after it has served its purpose. In this piece, I’ll show you how to install and activate Hide My Email on your iOS device. Okay, so here we go:

How to Activate Hide My Email on iPhone or iPad

1. Open Settings.

2. To access your profile, tap on it.

3. Next, select iCloud from the settings menu available under your Apple account.

How to Activate Hide My Email on iPhone or iPad

4. You will discover the Hide My Email feature and the other apps and services underneath the information regarding your iCloud storage space. Tap on it.

discover the "Hide My Email" feature

5. Select the email address you would like the dummy email to forward to by tapping the area labeled Forward To.

tapping the area labeled Forward To.

6. After that, select the “Create a New Address” option.

select the "Create a New Address"

7. There will be a random email that was automatically produced appear. Either press or You can generate a new one by selecting Different Address, or you can move on to the next step.

selecting Different Address,

8. Label your address and add notes. This information can be useful in assisting you to recall which services you have subscribed to or forms you have completed using this email address.

Label your address and add notes.

9. To proceed, tap Next.

tap Next.

10. Tap Done.

Tap Done.

11. On the box that says “Hide My Email,” you should now see your newly created fake email address.

newly created fake email address.

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Now that you have your false email address, you can use it to sign up for anything that requires an email address and have all of the accompanying emails forwarded to your real inbox. You can also use it to join up for anything requiring an email address.

Additional FAQs

How does hiding my email work on Apple?

Hide My Email can generate one-of-a-kind and random email addresses, all of which will instantly forward to your existing inbox. Each address is unique to you.

How do I use Apple email?

Go to the Settings menu on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, then select [your name] > iCloud. Choose one of the following options if you wish to be able to send and receive iCloud Mail on your device: or subsequent versions of iOS 16 and iPadOS 16: Select Mail, and then toggle the Use on this [device] switch. With previous iOS 15 or iPadOS 15 versions, Activate iCloud Mail (or just use Mail).

Where is hidden email on iPhone?

You’ll find options to create and manage your “Hide My Email” addresses in the Settings menu. You can hide your email by following any of these steps after going to Settings > [your name] > iCloud > Hide My Email: Establish a “Hide My Email address” page: Tap the button labeled Create New Address, then follow the directions that appear on the screen.

Is Hide My email permanent?

When you delete an address generated with Hide My Email, that deletion is permanent, and it takes effect across all of your devices configured to use Hide My Email. There is no way for you to reactivate the address. On the toolbar, followed by clicking the “Hide My Email” button. Scroll down until you reach the bottom of the list, then choose an email address from the section labeled “[number] inactive email address(es).”

What is the benefit of using Hide My Email?

Hide My Email is a service that allows you to conceal your email address if you are making a new account with an app, joining up for an online newsletter, or sending an email to someone you do not know very well. This is useful in various situations, including when sending an email to someone you do not know very well.

Does email have a limit?

Each email service provider imposes its limits on the amount of email that users can send. The restrictions can be imposed daily, hourly, or even minute-by-minute. If you send out cold email campaigns without being aware of the sending limits imposed by your email provider, your email account may be blocked before you even realize it has happened.


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